Our History

How it all started...

While World War I was raging, while woman were getting the right to vote, and while Coke was releasing its famous formula, another momentous event was happening. The year was 1916. They city was Los Gatos. The event was the formation of a new church to be called the First Baptist Church of Los Gatos. Some 18 people gathered to become the nucleus for this new church.

From 1916 through the early 1960’s the church met at College and Main in downtown Los Gatos. During these formative years Pastor B. F. Stump pastored our church for 28 years. Eventually Pastor Al Rutledge would lead the church to build a new facility on Farley Road. Many volunteer hours were invested to get this building built. That building was dedicated in 1963 and served as the new home for our church until 1973. To read a full historical account of the church please click here.

Expanding the vision...

In 1970 the Lord lead Pastor Irving Penberthy to come to our church. His vision for our church caused the church to step out in faith in a number of areas. The greatest area of faith was buying our current buildings in 1973 from the Los Gatos Christian Church. The story of how God did this is nothing short of a miracle. If you would like to read a fuller account of this miracle, you can read Pastor’s Penberthy’s own words as he describes this step of faith. Click here to read his account.

Thought all of these years, with 14 different pastors, and with many different people coming and going, we have never wavered from what was the impetus for our beginning; a commitment to the Word of God and the God of the Word. We have remained, and will remain, committed to the task of evangelism, missions, and fellowship. If you would be interested in reading a fuller account of our history, you can click here for that summary.

Where we are headed...

We have been, continue to be, and by God’s grace will always be an independent, fundamental Baptist Church. We are currently in affiliation with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. The GARBC is a fellowship of like-minded Baptist Churches committed to the Word of God. In a brief history of First Baptist Church written by Miss Ina Matheson, a member who was part of the original group as a young person, made an important statement. She said, our “orthodoxy is not derived from these affiliations.” She is so right.  Our orthodoxy is derived from the Word of God.

Many fads have come and gone over these past 100 plus years. Many personalities have come and gone.  Much history has been lived out in our world. Certainly the world of 1916 is quite different from the world of the 21st century. But, what remains true is the Word of God.  May it ever be our constant guiding principles.

We would love for you to join our family

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9:15am Sunday School, 10:30am Morning Worship, and 5:00pm Evening Worship that also includes our Kids 4 Truth program.